consumptive lunacy, marketing genius, public consciousness, remembrance day

>November 11th


This Wednesday, while many people back home in Canada will observe a moment of silence to honour the many people who sacrificed their lives in the wars of the past century,  the consumers of South Korea will be munching down on little chocolate sticks. As a result of marketing genius – and the fact that South Koreans commemorate their fallen in June- every November 11th  on the peninsula is  a frenzy of candy consumption known as Pepero Day. 

Why is it Pepero day?  Numerically, November the 11th looks just like 4 Peperos in a row. Korea’s answer to Japan’s Pocky candy, these thin cookie sticks dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with assorted accompaniments are given to loved ones, friends and classmates. 

On a side note, Pocky is definitely better than Pepero and also has many more flavours. Below are a couple more ridiculous ones:


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